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HSK Coursebook Level 6 Part C

Wang Xun
Merchandise Format: Printed book
Language: Simplified Chinese | PINYIN
Language Skill: Comprehensive
Language Level: Advanced | TCFL Teachers
Optional Component(s):

The HSK Coursebook has been separated into six levels corresponding to the levels of the HSK test. There are nine books in the series in total: one book for each level 1-4, two books covering level 5 and three books covering level 6. The series was compiled based on the grammar and vocabulary of the HSK outline. After completing each level of the books, learners will be prepared to take their relevant HSK test. By also focusing on communicative abilities and characters, the series helps learners to improve their speaking as well as reading and writing Chinese characters. Each lesson contains sections of new words, dialogues, question and answer practice, notes, characters, exercises, etc. Listening materials for new words, dialogues and listening comprehension exercises can be downloaded from the website for free.

Comprehensive Phonetic Drills
Seeping into Characters from the Beginning
Communicative Language Model
Adopting CALLAN Method
YCSC Teaching Way

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Price: ¥59.00 CNY
Discount: Varies by qty.
In Stock
Merchandise ID: 006939
ISBN13: 9787513810142
Publication Date: 2016-3
Approximate: 285|210|12 mm
Pages: 232 pages
Available Download:
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